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Physical Education


At Westerhope Primary School, our Physical Education (PE) curriculum aims to inspire all pupils to excel in physical activities and lead healthy, active lives. We believe in providing opportunities for children to develop competence, confidence, and character through engaging in a broad range of physical activities, including competitive sports and activities. Our curriculum promotes physical activity, teamwork, and resilience, while instilling values such as fairness and respect. 



Our PE curriculum is designed to address five key indicators: engagement in regular physical activity, raising the profile of PE and sport, enhancing staff confidence and skills, broadening experiences in sports and activities, and increasing participation in competitive sport. We begin each academic year with multi-skills to establish a solid foundation for subsequent sports and activities, ensuring progression and variety throughout each year group's journey at Westerhope. 


Our long-term plan ensures coverage of a wide range of sports and activities, aligned with intra-school and inter-school tournaments throughout the year. Each area of study begins with a skills progression, identifying expected learning outcomes for children. We utilise resources and planning from sources such as PrimaryPEplanning and national sports organisations to support teaching and learning. 


In addition to regular PE lessons, Year 4 participate in swimming lessons, providing intensive swimming instruction over a two-week period. Most PE lessons happen outside, whilst utilising indoor spaces or alternative activities during extreme weather conditions. 


To enhance our PE provision, we dedicate one week annually to Sport, incorporating competitive sports days, specialist coaching, and exposure to various sports and activities. This week offers opportunities for children to explore new interests and engage with local clubs through taster sessions. We celebrate children's out-of-school sporting achievements weekly in assemblies, fostering a culture of recognition and inspiration.