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52 Lives: School of Kindness

heartChristmas Kindness



Thank you to our wonderful Year 4 learner and family for sharing this wonderful act of Christmas kindness.


Message from mum:

"Today after school * has done a food shop for the food bank. She has chosen the items which she think people will like and need over the Christmas holidays.
She has been talking about how some people need a little extra help so she thought it would be nice to this."


We are so proud of the kindness you have shown to others - keep shining brightly and continue to sprinkle your kindness everywhere you go!


We have had a wonderful day today to celebrate World Kindness Day today! 



What a fabulous day we have had celebrating World Kindness Day in school today. We are always so proud of how much kindness we see everyday in school so today was about sprinkling our Westerhope kindness magic even further than we already do!


We started the day with a virtual assembly led by the director of kindness Greig from School of Kindness at 52 Lives charity. The assembly taught the children about the importance of kindness, the science of kindness and the impact it has on our physical and mental health.


It most certainly got us energised for a wonderful day full of kindness!

From writing kindness messages to our friends and family in EYFS, to creating 'buddies' in Year 1 and Year 4, and exploring kind books together throughout school are just a few examples of the wonderful kind activities we have done today.

We can't wait to share photographs of the day with you very soon! 


A big thank you to the the families who shared the most wonderful stories of kindness shown by their little one at home too.


heartOur hearts were bursting with happiness to hear...


One of our learners drew a picture for a homeless person they had passed on the street who had a dog and some food for the man (including a snack for his dog!), another learner helped her mummy make dinner by chopping the carrots, mashing the potato and setting the table - such a help! One of our learners has been busy filling shoe boxes full of treats for residents at a care home and another kind learner made sure that everyone in her family were offered a sweet before she ate any! It was also fabulous to hear how one of our learners is a brilliant help to his mum and siblings. He helps his little sister when crossing the road or if she needs help with eating her breakfast, he evens makes his mum a drink when he feels she needs a little rest! How lovely! 


It's recycling week so we are thinking about ways we can be kind to our planet. We can't wait to see all of the completed entries in the challenge! Here is an example below! What a little star! 



Story time

Here is a link to a wonderful story called 'Ten Things I can do to Help my World.' We hope you enjoy it!


Thank you and well done to everyone who took part in the Kids' Kindness challenge last week of 'Back to School Kindness'. Our learners thought carefully about what kind thing they did at school to help new children feel welcome...





  You all make us feel so proud to be your teachers heart


A very warm welcome back as we emerge into the wonderful Autumn season of kindness! 

We are so excited to build upon all of the incredible kindness that we continue to see year upon year here at Westerhope Primary by our kind learners and grown ups.


As always, we love to hear of any acts of kindness and kind messages so we can celebrate and be inspired by them! Please get in touch with Mrs Hay 

When we saw one of our lovely Reception learners being handed litter pickers from her grown up at home-time we had to find out more! 


This is the wonderful message from her mum...

"This is the second year heart has taken part in 30 days wild in June, organised by Wildlife Trust. We complete activities linked to exploring wildlife every day in June. The photos are of heart planting wildflowers for bees, birds and butterflies; hugging trees on our daily dog walk as trees are so important for nature and us; litter picking (a regular occurrence as heart often points out rubbish on the streets/in parks); collecting garden waste to make a nest for birds to help them lay their eggs safely."



We just love hearing of such wonderful acts of kindness so we can celebrate and be proud that we have such kind learners in our school, like our lovely reception pupil here! Thank you for spreading kindness.



During the Easter break, 52 LIVES are inviting children to take part in an Easter Kindness Challenge. All the children need to do is complete the 15 kind activities found on the challenge sheet. Not only will they be helping other people, they will also be helping themselves…because when we’re kind it improves our own physical and mental health.

Please read the full Competition Terms & Conditions before entering set by 52 LIVES.
Deadline for entries: 2nd May 2022.


If your child wishes to take part in the challenge, the challenge sheet is attached below to download or your child can find it in our kindness post box station situated outside Reception class. Once completed, please return and post in our kindness postbox.


A wonderful example of the little kindness delights which get posted in our school kindness postbox. Thank you to this kind star for creating this fantastic word search!


Creative kindness in Reception

Our incredible reception children have been busy using their imagination to create their own 'kind world' using lots of loose parts as part of a kindness competition set by 52 Lives School of Kindness.

Here is the most incredible world ever (we all want to live here!)


AND We have some very exciting news to share! Click on the link below which features a video by our friend Greig who announces the winners!

Our Westerhope hearts are full of kindness

We are so proud to be named a 'Kind School' by the lovely charity 52 Lives...and even prouder to have a school full of children with the kindest hearts possible heart


Here is a trip down memory lane showcasing some wonderful examples of our incredible children and grown ups spreading kindness.


Imagine a world where everyone is kind?