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52 Lives: School of Kindness

Half term holiday challenge - we invite our lovely learners to take part in a Random Acts of Kindness Week challenge sheet (if you don’t have a printer, you can use your own paper). You will be in with a chance to win a £20 book or toy voucher from 52 Lives Kids' Kindness Club! Wow!

Mrs Hay is always so happy to see lots of lovely kind visitors to her classroom to hear all about the wonderful kindness they have done.

Our voting pupils have chosen our school charity...

It is always so wonderful to receive lovely messages from parents/carers celebrating kindness at home! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful act of kindness with us: 'Her daddy was going to clear the driveways of our neighbours of snow today, and *** announced that she also wanted to help! After getting herself wrapped up, she followed her dad outside and set about clearing snow from driveways and a little from a path outside a neighbours house. She was beaming with pride when she got back into the house after one of our neighbours came out of their house and complimented her efforts!'

Our Autumn kindness letter sharing a little sprinkle of some up and coming kindness plans for us at Westerhope Primary!

A wonderful end to a fantastic school year filled to the brim with kindness at Westerhope! Congratulations to this kindness star who was nominated for her outstanding kindness during OPAL lunchtime play. Well done!

Year 5 have officially been awarded their purple 52 Lives Kids’ Kindness badge for completing a set of kindness tasks! We are so proud of each and everyone of you! Well done! A big THANK YOU to Greig at the School of Kindness for giving our Year 5's this valuable opportunity (and a fancy kindness badge, which we love!).

Our fabulous Kindness club have joined kindness forces with lovely Miss Forster and her pupil committee aka Kindness Ambassadors! We have so many incredible ideas and exciting projects ahead - watch this space!

A beautiful surprise mini bouquet of daisies hand delivered with kindness to Mrs Russell by our two thoughtful reception girls who made it especially for her 💗

A fabulous start to our after school kindness club with Mrs Hay - a club full of happiness and filled to the brim with kindness!



Our kindness ambassadors and I are very excited to share with you our new bundle of kindness books we now have in school to borrow (and our new personalised stickers, which we adore!).  

We are setting up our own little kindness library and we are proud to share with you our little start up additions! We will keep you posted on the progress.

We are so excited to share with you that we have been invited to take part in a Kindness Ambassador project with 52 Lives School of Kindness. Only 10 schools have been chosen so we feel very honoured to be part of this pilot project, working alongside the wonderful team at 52 Lives charity and be part of a wider school community with the other primary schools taking part. It is so exciting!


Our Lead Kindness Ambassador was appointed by teacher nomination for our school and she did Westerhope Primary school so proud on her first zoom call with the other lead kindness ambassadors from the other schools from the project. 




We also have a team of kindness ambassadors (picture to come!) who make a bigger kindness team in our school! They will be implementing lots of kindness initiatives and celebrating kindness in our school. We are so lucky! 


Look at this fantastic photograph of a super kind Year 1 learner, who's aim is to, in his own words, "Save the world”. This kind boy has started a litter picking club and recently this has been recognised by Newcastle City Council due to the fantastic work he has been doing in Westerhope and the surrounding areas with litter picking. He has now collected 56 bags of rubbish off the streets! 

A big thank you to his proud parents for sharing this wonderful kind news! We are so proud of him too! What an inspiration. 


Here is a great photograph of our kind learner with the newly elected councillor, Adam Mitchel.


Our wonderful Reception learner writing all things kind and positive 💗





Our hearts were bursting to hear that one of our year one learners brought in a box full of hand decorated heart keepsakes for each of her class friends and teachers! How lucky are we to have such a thoughtful, caring and kind class friend in Westerhope! heart



What better way to spend your creative writing play and learning time in Reception than to make a kind card for your friend!

The beauty of little hand written messages made with kindness heart

A competition WINNER!

A huge well done to our fabulous year 5 learner who won a toy voucher for taking part in a kindness challenge set by our friend Greig at 52 Lives School of Kindness! 

A deserving treat for being such a kind super star! Well done! We are so proud of you.

Wishing all of our lovely learners and families a very happy Easter holiday full of happy times and kindness! 


School of Kindness Easter challenge!

During the Easter break, School of Kindness is inviting children to take part in their Easter Kindness Challenge. All you need to do is download the challenge sheet below and complete the 15 kind activities. Not only will the children be helping other people, they will also be helping themselves…because when we’re kind it improves our own physical and mental health.


you can pick up a copy from our kindness corner (outside Reception classroom).


Please send in your completed activity sheet to Mrs Hay, who will forward it onto Greig at the School of Kindness. 




Our hearts are so happy with the kindness shown from these incredible Westerhope pupils this week heart 




A group of thoughtful learners decided to make loom band gifts for the staff in school and spent their lunchtime yesterday delivering these thoughtful gifts! Thank you so much - we love them! We really appreciate your thought and care that went in to making each one. A very special surprise so thank you.


A lovely message received from a parent about their son who has shown such love, warmth and care in his new role as a big brother! What a beautiful heart you have, and what a fantastic big brother you are!



"I've picked one daisy for each one of my family!" What lucky family members they are to receive this special gift. It's a lovely, special feeling knowing someone has collected or made something in the moment for a person who is on their mind. What a little sweetheart we have in Reception. 


Competition WINNER Reception! 

We are pleased to celebrate that we have a competition runner up winner who won a toy voucher for showing incredible acts of kindness in the 52 Lives School of Kindness February half term kindness challenge! Well done! We are so proud of you. 




Thank you to our lovely Year 4 pupils who created the most wonderful bundle of birthday cards for a lady who turns 100 very soon! We just know Iris will be delighted with her thoughtful cards. Friend’s  from her nursing home have been busy painting a post box for all of the cards too. Our westerhope cards are on their way to 52 Lives School of Kindness ready for Iris. Thank you Year 4.







heartChristmas Kindness



Thank you to our wonderful Year 4 learner and family for sharing this wonderful act of Christmas kindness.


Message from mum:

"Today after school * has done a food shop for the food bank. She has chosen the items which she think people will like and need over the Christmas holidays.
She has been talking about how some people need a little extra help so she thought it would be nice to this."


We are so proud of the kindness you have shown to others - keep shining brightly and continue to sprinkle your kindness everywhere you go!


We have had a wonderful day today to celebrate World Kindness Day today! 



What a fabulous day we have had celebrating World Kindness Day in school today. We are always so proud of how much kindness we see everyday in school so today was about sprinkling our Westerhope kindness magic even further than we already do!


We started the day with a virtual assembly led by the amazing, and inspirational, Greig, director of kindness from School of Kindness at 52 Lives charity. The assembly taught the children about the importance of kindness, the science of kindness and the impact it has on our physical and mental health.


It most certainly got us energised for a wonderful day full of kindness!

From writing kindness messages to our friends and family in EYFS, to creating 'buddies' in Year 1 and Year 4, and exploring kind books together throughout school are just a few examples of the wonderful kind activities we have done today.

We can't wait to share photographs of the day with you very soon! 


A big thank you to the the families who shared the most wonderful stories of kindness shown by their little one at home too.


heartOur hearts were bursting with happiness to hear...


One of our learners drew a picture for a homeless person they had passed on the street who had a dog and some food for the man (including a snack for his dog!), another learner helped her mummy make dinner by chopping the carrots, mashing the potato and setting the table - such a help! One of our learners has been busy filling shoe boxes full of treats for residents at a care home and another kind learner made sure that everyone in her family were offered a sweet before she ate any! It was also fabulous to hear how one of our learners is a brilliant help to his mum and siblings. He helps his little sister when crossing the road or if she needs help with eating her breakfast, he evens makes his mum a drink when he feels she needs a little rest! How lovely! 


It's recycling week so we are thinking about ways we can be kind to our planet. We can't wait to see all of the completed entries in the challenge! Here is an example below! What a little star! 



Story time

Here is a link to a wonderful story called 'Ten Things I can do to Help my World.' We hope you enjoy it!


Thank you and well done to everyone who took part in the Kids' Kindness challenge last week of 'Back to School Kindness'. Our learners thought carefully about what kind thing they did at school to help new children feel welcome...





  You all make us feel so proud to be your teachers heart


A very warm welcome back as we emerge into the wonderful Autumn season of kindness! 

We are so excited to build upon all of the incredible kindness that we continue to see year upon year here at Westerhope Primary by our kind learners and grown ups.


As always, we love to hear of any acts of kindness and kind messages so we can celebrate and be inspired by them! Please get in touch with Mrs Hay 

When we saw one of our lovely Reception learners being handed litter pickers from her grown up at home-time we had to find out more! 


This is the wonderful message from her mum...

"This is the second year heart has taken part in 30 days wild in June, organised by Wildlife Trust. We complete activities linked to exploring wildlife every day in June. The photos are of heart planting wildflowers for bees, birds and butterflies; hugging trees on our daily dog walk as trees are so important for nature and us; litter picking (a regular occurrence as heart often points out rubbish on the streets/in parks); collecting garden waste to make a nest for birds to help them lay their eggs safely."



We just love hearing of such wonderful acts of kindness so we can celebrate and be proud that we have such kind learners in our school, like our lovely reception pupil here! Thank you for spreading kindness.



During the Easter break, 52 LIVES are inviting children to take part in an Easter Kindness Challenge. All the children need to do is complete the 15 kind activities found on the challenge sheet. Not only will they be helping other people, they will also be helping themselves…because when we’re kind it improves our own physical and mental health.

Please read the full Competition Terms & Conditions before entering set by 52 LIVES.
Deadline for entries: 2nd May 2022.


If your child wishes to take part in the challenge, the challenge sheet is attached below to download or your child can find it in our kindness post box station situated outside Reception class. Once completed, please return and post in our kindness postbox.


A wonderful example of the little kindness delights which get posted in our school kindness postbox. Thank you to this kind star for creating this fantastic word search!


Creative kindness in Reception

Our incredible reception children have been busy using their imagination to create their own 'kind world' using lots of loose parts as part of a kindness competition set by 52 Lives School of Kindness.

Here is the most incredible world ever (we all want to live here!)


AND We have some very exciting news to share! Click on the link below which features a video by our friend Greig who announces the winners!

Our Westerhope hearts are full of kindness

We are so proud to be named a 'Kind School' by the lovely charity 52 Lives...and even prouder to have a school full of children with the kindest hearts possible heart


Here is a trip down memory lane showcasing some wonderful examples of our incredible children and grown ups spreading kindness.


Imagine a world where everyone is kind?