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Character Education

We believe that character education is the wider personal development of a child beyond the academic education they receive in school. It aims to instil in pupils a number of key characteristics and values such as kindness, resilience, honesty, motivation and humility, all of which will help them be successful, future citizens. At Westerhope Primary School, character education is part of our whole school culture and is shown through our everyday routines, the behaviour of staff and pupils and the teaching and learning in our classrooms. Our character education framework is created through:


  • Whole School Culture - At Westerhope there is a strong sense of pride and belonging which has been nurtured through shared values.
  • School behaviour - We promote respect and consideration of all our school community. Manners and courtesy are encouraged in every day interactions.
  • Our curriculum - Our carefully-sequenced, ambitious curriculum has been developed to  teach our learners the knowledge and cultural capital which provide opportunities for them to flourish as modern British citizens.
  • Our co-curriculum - we are developing an inclusive co-curriculum which supports our pupil's artistic, creative, sporting, performance and design talents.
  • Service to others - Through our school charity and assemblies, we promote service to others and the value of helping those who need it. Within our possibilities value, we learn about the roles that people play in society and the impact this has.
  • Promotion of equality and inclusion - all pupils at Westerhope are valued for being 'special and unique'. Reasonable adjustments are always made to enable all pupils to access our curricular and co-curricular offer and differences are celebrated.

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