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At Westerhope, our music curriculum aims to engage and inspire pupils, nurturing their love for music and fostering their talent as musicians. We are dedicated to enhancing their self-confidence, creativity, and sense of achievement through a rich musical curriculum. Our intent is to provide a holistic music education that enables pupils to critically engage with music, empowering them to compose and appreciate various musical genres. 



At Westerhope, pupils engage with music from diverse historical periods, genres, styles, and traditions, including the works of great composers and musicians. Through their lessons and assemblies, children develop proficiency in singing, using their voices expressively, and collaboratively creating and composing music. 


The music curriculum is based on the Charanga Musical School Scheme. Charanga is a spiral curriculum which allows children to deepen their understanding and mastery of musical concepts over time. Lessons focus on listening, appraising, creative exploration, and performance. Pupils participate in various musical activities such as listening, singing, playing instruments, improvisation, and composition. Performance opportunities are provided during assemblies, and at out-of-school events, where pupils can showcase their acquired skills and foster a sense of accomplishment. Children can earn Music Merits by performing in front of others. These count towards helping them achieve their bronze, silver and gold treble clef badges.  


Specialist music teachers provide additional support, offering tuition for learning musical instruments and guiding curriculum development. Singing is emphasised as a core musical activity, with weekly assemblies led by a specialist to encourage collective participation and enjoyment.