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Governor Information


What does a school governor do?

Governors are responsible for overseeing the management of a school including strategy, budgeting, policy and staffing. They support school to run as effectively as possible, working with senior leaders and teachers to provide excellent education for the children. They are not responsible for the day to day running of the school which is the role of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.

Being a school governor requires a commitment to attending governing body meetings to consider issues such as setting the vision of the school, agreeing and monitoring the school budget and scrutinising educational outcomes.

Governors can bring a wide range of skills and expertise to the governing body and school can benefit greatly from this.


Core governor responsibilities

  • Along with the Headteacher, it is the role of the GB to set the school’s aims and objectives to ensure development and improvement. They set policies, create plans and agree targets to enable school to meet their aims and objectives. They regularly monitor the progress towards the targets set.
  • The GB is there to both support and challenge the Senior Leadership Team. They play a crucial role in holding the Head teacher to account for achieving the highest outcomes possible for the children. Governors challenge key decisions and ask relevant questions about the school’s data aiming to guarantee high standards.
  • The GB have a strategic role in the financial management of school, which includes setting financial priorities through the School Improvement Plan, the 3 Yr Budget and the Annual Budget. Governors also agree how the school’s delegated budget should be spent in accordance with the School Improvement Plan and Curriculum Requirements.


How does the GB work?

Governors work together to provide an independent oversight of the management and operation of the school.

  • Full GB meetings are held once a term.
  • Governors are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of a school and its curriculum. School visits help governors to understand more about the school and school life. Governor visits to classrooms are not an inspection but a form of monitoring the progress of the school.
  • A GB is required to have certain statutory committees but also has others e.g. Finance, Curriculum, Pastoral. Most governors are members of one or two committees. The work of the committees is reported to the Full GB, which keeps all governors informed of progress towards all priorities.
  • Prior to all meetings governors receive an agenda, a copy of the minutes from the previous meeting and any other relevant papers to be discussed. Governors are encouraged to read these papers and formulate any questions they may wish to ask.


If you would like further information about becoming a school governor please do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss this.


Governor Impact Statement 2021 -2022

As a Governing Body this year we have undertaken the following:


  • Held 3 Full GB Meetings
  • Had the following committees (Curriculum, Finance and Staffing, Pastoral, Pay Review)
  • Monitored in the following areas- Curriculum Development, SEN, Safeguarding, EYFS, Well Being, Attendance
  • Undertaken the following training  (All Governors- Safeguarding Taining ) Phonics training, OPAL training, Safer Recruitment Training.
  • Involvement in the appointment of a new HT and Deputy HT and HLTA
  • Involvement in the HT PM
  • Reviewed a range of Policies, including Safeguarding and Child Protection, Pay, SEND, Health and Safety, Admissions
  • Recruited 1 new Governor


 We have had the following impact:

  • Governors have increased their knowledge of the curriculum in school and know that British Values are being addressed.
  • Two Governors met with the Music Lead Teacher to discuss further opportunities to broaden the children’s knowledge and experience in music.
  • Governors agreed to the new Homework statement.
  • The Governors created a Succession Plan to support the new Head Teacher.
  • Agendas challenge the HT/Senior staff to address and monitor progress, which is evidenced in the  Teaching and Learning Folder – Governors are invited to add any questions / topics to the agendas.
  • Governors monitor the 3 year budget closely to address any identified shortfall timely.
  • Governors agreed to the purchase of I-pads in Upper KS2.
  • A Governor has been closely involved in completing the SFVS to ensure financial values are adhered to.
  • The Admissions Committee met to discuss a request and advised the HT accordingly.
  • Governors agreed to installing the Wall Art images into school which have enhanced the appearance of the main entrance.
  • A Governor met with the LA and Local Councillor to attempt to find a solution to parking issues around the school.
  • Safeguarding Link Governor carried out a Safeguarding Audit – presented to GB.
  • Governors met with staff informally over lunchtime – with the aim of supporting well being.
  • A Governor was involved in the SEND Governance Review giving her a greater understanding of provision in the school.
  • A Governor has set up a recycling uniform stall which supports the uniform policy and vulnerable children.
  • Consistent and high-quality engagement by governors in meetings has resulted in valuable discussions.
  • Governors have attended school activities e.g. Westy Festy.