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At Westerhope, our science curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity and foster a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Through a Science Capital approach, we acknowledge and build upon our students' interests, attitudes, and experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to demonstrate the relevance of science in everyday life, providing hands-on learning experiences that cultivate essential scientific skills and encourage collaboration, reasoning, and effective communication using scientific vocabulary. 



Our science curriculum is carefully structured to ensure a progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills. Lessons are sequenced to build upon prior learning, with each session focusing on specific enquiry types and skills. Assessment focuses on the development of these skills, which are clearly communicated to students, and evidence of progress is documented in students' work.  


Working practically, carrying out experiments and conducting tests sit at the heart of the science curriculum. These, in turn, are a tool to supporting children’s understanding and development of working scientifically. We utilise resources such as PLAN matrices and Developing Experts to support teaching, with teachers exercising professional judgment to tailor lessons to individual pupils' needs. This approach ensures that our science curriculum provides a rich and engaging learning experience for all students, fostering a lifelong love of science and inquiry.