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Design & Technology


At Westerhope Primary School, Design and Technology (DT) is a practical subject that fosters creative problem-solving skills. Our curriculum encourages children to identify real-world challenges and collaborate to design and make innovative solutions. We cultivate a culture of risk-taking, resilience, and creativity, encouraging children to develop logical thinking and practical skills while exploring materials and processes. 



Our DT curriculum is aligned with National Curriculum requirements and focuses on three key areas: Textiles, Mechanisms, and Nutrition. Each academic year, children engage in projects within these areas, guided by Kapow Primary DT resources for skills progression, knowledge organisers, and lesson plans. These projects are structured around enquiry questions, encouraging children to explore, research, design, make, and evaluate their creations. 


A long-term plan ensures coverage of all areas of study across year groups, with flexibility to adapt based on ongoing assessment and feedback. Key concepts of Research, Design, Make, Evaluate, and Technical Knowledge are integrated into teaching and learning, fostering understanding and progression over time. 


Strong curriculum links are established with other subjects, particularly Science, Mathematics, and Computing, enriching children's learning experiences and reinforcing connections between disciplines. DT projects are designed to provide opportunities for challenge and reflection, encouraging children to think critically and communicate their ideas effectively. 


Through a combination of practical activities, discussions, and written reflections, children develop a range of skills and knowledge in DT. Project books and knowledge organisers support learning, providing a platform for idea development, recording progress, and embedding knowledge into long-term memory. 

Our aim is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong appreciation for design and innovation, equipping children with the skills and mindset to navigate and contribute to a rapidly changing world.