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Early Reading & Phonics


At our school, we use the 'Supersonic Phonics Friends' programme to ensure a systematic and consistent approach to teaching phonics across early years and Key Stage 1. This programme, based on the well-recognised 'Letters and Sounds' framework, takes children on an adventure through phonics, introducing them to friendly woodland characters representing various reading and writing skills. Easy-to-remember rhymes and actions are repeated in every lesson to enable children to embed key learning. Our intention is to build children's confidence and proficiency in applying phonics skills to their own reading and writing.



Our phonics teaching begins in Nursery, where children engage in activities focused on listening, identifying sounds, and playing games like 'I spy.' As they progress through Reception, they learn single letter sounds, blending, and segmenting, gradually advancing to diagraphs. By Year 1, children are adept at recognising alternative sounds for graphemes and are introduced to spelling patterns and rules through characters like 'Switch it Mitch' and 'Choose to Use Suze.' In Year 2, we continue to explore grapheme-phoneme correspondence and spelling rules. 


Our phonics lessons are structured to include review, teaching of new concepts, practice, and application tasks, ensuring a balance between reading and writing activities. Assessment is integral, with half-termly whole class trackers allowing us to identify children's progress and provide necessary interventions promptly. Our aim is to create a supportive environment where every child can thrive in their phonics learning journey, equipped with the skills to become confident readers and writers. 


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