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Forest Friday

We have started off our new year by going on a bird hunt! We spotted a few nests and lots of different species of birds: pigeons, seagulls, robins, magpies, bluetits... How many can you spot in your garden?

Rope Walk and Web Weaving! We used our senses to successfully complete the adventurous trail while holding onto the rope. Then, we imagined we were spiders (who mostly have poor eye sight) and relied on our partner to guide us along the rope, over, under and around obstacles. Next, we learned all about weaving and even had a go ourselves at our new weaving station!

Treasure jar celebrations with Reception! After learning all about fire this week we learned some rules about how to keep safe near a fire. As a special reward for filling our treasure jar up, today we enjoyed toasting marshmallows on a campfire while singing songs and chatting with our friends! What a gorgeous day!

Reception got familiar with a map of our school grounds before embarking on a spooky quest! Lots of children were able to draw an X on the map of exactly where we were at each point of our adventure! Well done!

On our first Forest Friday Session we had so much fun going on a leaf hunt! We helped each other to get our coats zipped up, wellies on and went out to look for treasures. We learned about different trees and we looked closely at their leaves. We watched out for any dangers around us too! What a fantastic adventure!