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At Westerhope Primary School, our aim is to cultivate a positive and enriching experience of mathematics for all children. We are dedicated to providing a curriculum that not only imparts essential knowledge and skills but also nurtures fluency, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving. 


We believe in the importance of instilling confidence and competence across key areas of mathematics, including number, measurement, geometry, and statistics. Our approach emphasises a balanced development of conceptual understanding alongside procedural and factual fluency, thus fostering arithmetic proficiency and the ability to tackle mathematical challenges in various contexts. 



Our mathematics curriculum is based upon a mastery approach, ensuring systematic progression and consolidation of core concepts and skills. Long-term planning is based on White Rose Maths which provides a structured spine of learning throughout school. This is supplemented by teachers' professional judgement, as well as a diverse range of other resources such as NCETM curriculum prioritisation materials and Power Maths. 


Guided by the 5 Big Ideas of Primary Mathematics, teachers design lessons to facilitate fluency, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving. Teaching is carefully adapted to support the needs of all pupils. 


In addition to regular mathematics lessons, dedicated fluency sessions such as Fast Maths, Times Table Rock Stars, or Mastering Number are delivered by teachers, further reinforcing core mathematical skills and understanding across different year groups.