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Our School Charity

As a school, one of our values is to 'make a difference' and impact positively on people in our community. 

Our Vision and Values | Westerhope Primary School 


Each year, families, children and staff nominate local charities they would like us to support. The whole school votes and we choose a charity to support for the school year.


Fundraising is then shared between the charity and school.


We keep the school community updated through our Facebook page and a half termly newsletter. 



The charity chosen for 2023/34  is:




Changing Lives is a nationwide charity helping people facing challenging times to make positive change - for good’


We are really excited to support this charity. They have a base in Newcastle and this year we are working closely with their local team to explore ways in which our Westerhope school community can support them. 



Previously we have supported:


- Heel and Toe North East Children's Charity -Heel & Toe Children's Charity ( 

- Tiny Lives Trust (We raised £1268.97) Tiny Lives Trust

- Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter Newcastle Dog & Shelter – Saving lives in the North East (