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Assessing design and technology and end points

  • Long term planning and assessment depends upon teachers having a clear notion of ‘standards’ within their minds, and a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve. We assess without using levels but we do have end of year group expectations which will allow us to make informed decisions as teachers as to whether children are at the expected standard for the end of their year group. These expectations are made clear in each year group assessment document.


  • Staff will assess the children on their understanding of:  designing, making, evaluating and technical knowledge. Teachers will carefully plan opportunities for children to use and apply their knowledge  - written tasks, presentations etc -  and these tasks will be used to inform teachers and make assessments


  • Formative assessment is constantly used to inform planning and teaching


  • Each year group will have an overview of the end of year expectations which will be used to make end of year assessments and will be annotated according to:

children who are working towards expected (emerging)

children working at expected (secure)

children working above expected (deep)


  • Staff will make ‘best fit’ judgements.


  • We expect children to leave Year 6 ready for secondary school as the DT curriculum which has been put in place, gives them the skills, knowledge and understanding they need. End of year expectations for Year 6 are clear and children should be well placed to move into secondary school if they finish the Year at the expected standard.  


  • DT is monitored by the DT Lead and the Curriculum Leaders. A combination of pupil voice interviews; planning support/moderation; classroom drops ins and work scrutiny will be used to gain a view of how DT is taught and learnt across school.