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Year 4 Spring Pathway Exploring Still Life

Exploring form and shadows using pen and ink.

Gestural drawing

Thinking about layout and composition to make a still life photo.

Year 2 Spring Pathway Exploring the World through Monoprint

Year 2 used a variety of objects to mark-make and then made a print using ink.

Year 3 Spring Pathway Telling Stories Through Drawing and Making

Year 3 made observational drawings using fine liners.

Exploring shaping, joining and making textures with salt dough.

Making our sculptures with clay.

Evaluating Our Work

Here are some of our finished sculptures!

We loved reading the comments about our work!

Year 2 Spring Pathway Expressive Painting

Exploring the work of Marela Zacarias and Charlie french.

Year 1 Spring Pathway Simple Printmaking

Year 1 used fine liners to make observational drawings of leaves and pine cones.

Year 1 made rubbings using graphite and then used these to make a collage.

Making our printing plates with card and foam board.

Printing from our plates using ink and rollers.

Exploring colour mixing and printing in our continuous provision.

Year 2 produced these collages, drawings and paintings inspired by 'Sun and Castle' by Paul Klee.

Year 1's latest artwork was inspired by nature.

Year 2 investigating colour mixing.

Chalk polar bears by Year 2 linked to their Geography area of study, Poles Apart.

Painting to music by Year 1, inspired by art work by Kandinsky.

Here are some examples of Year 1 work exploring line and shape.

Here are some examples of drawing warm-up exercises.

Here are some of the Spring Art Competition entries. Well done to everyone who entered, we were so impressed with your art work!

Welcome to Westerhope's online art gallery!