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To assess children we use conversation-based assessment in Art and Design which takes place on an ongoing basis. These conversations might take place as a class, as a group, or one to one, with the teacher or with a peer and will feed into processes of reflection and evaluation. They should take place throughout blocks of work and not just at the end of a project. This gives children the opportunity to review and refine their work and makes assessment more meaningful.

Teachers also observe how children are using tools and materials and through discussions of key artworks can establish children’s knowledge and understanding of the formal elements of art.


These conversations and observations then feed into teacher judgements as to whether children are at the expected standard for the end of the year group.

Each year group will have an overview of the end of year expectations which will be used to make the end of year assessments and will be annotated according to:

Children who are working towards expected level (emerging)

Children who are working at expected level (expected)

Children working above expected level (deep)

Staff will make ‘best fit’ judgements.


Art and Design is monitored by the subject leader. A combination of pupil voice interviews, discussions with staff, classroom drop-ins and pupils work will be used to gain a view of how Art and Design is taught and learnt across the school.