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History at Westerhope

The study of history is a window into the past that provides understanding of the present-day, and how individuals, nations, and the global community might develop in the future. Historical study instructs how societies came to be and examines cultural, political, social, and economic influences across time and space.


Through our History curriculum, we aim to immerse our children in thought-provoking topics that will ignite their curiosity about the past. It will give them a broad understanding of some of the most important people, events and civilisations that have shaped History - locally, nationally and internationally. We will excite and motivate children at Westerhope to learn about their place in history and help them make sense of the world they live in today.


The teaching of History at Westerhope is intended to promote chronological understanding, ask questions about the past, analyse evidence, think critically, appreciate different perspectives and use the knowledge they gain to develop informed judgements.


We are determined that alongside historical knowledge there will be a high focus on the development of specific historical skills,. Pupils are encouraged to think like historians and develop their skills including historical enquiry. There is a strong emphasis on developing the historical concepts - chronological understanding, change and continuity, significance, using evidence and cause and consequence.


Our breadth of study encourages chronological understanding and carefully builds on prior learning so that children can make sense of the subject. Carefully selected, core elements of knowledge are taught in each area of study.  Progression in knowledge, skills and vocabulary is planned for and built on progressively, so that our children know more and remember more. Pupils leaving Westerhope in Year 6 will have the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be successful in Key Stage 3. Children will be given a wide variety of experiences both in the classroom and out. We encourage school visits and visitors into school  to enable the children to gain first hand experiences, to support their learning.



History is a subject led by enquiry. Our enquiries are interrogative, open-questions, designed to encourage the acquisition of historical knowledge, teach the children to think critically and form their own reasoned judgements. The children will be able to answer questions like:


Historical Skill



What things led to or caused the historical event?


What was different as a result of this event or person?


What happened as a result of the historical event or person


What continued unchanged, or stayed the same?


Why is the event, person or place important?


We have planned the curriculum based on the:

  • National Curriculum requirements
  • The essential knowledge we believe to be important
  • Historical skills and key concepts, which are progressive and transferable, and will be built upon each year.